ALIEN DNA Project was established at the end of 2003. The brand is characterized by original design, which mixes the influences of comics, urban street art, cyberpunk and free tekno culture. We create a collections of clothes and accessories for leisure with various graphic motifs. We mainly offer T-shirts and high quality sweatshirts, custom - czech production. The textile printing use while cruftiest, but the highest quality screen printing technology, thus no transfers and similar compromises, but the actual manual labor and direct printing ink, whose stability we can absolutely guarantee.

The main designer ALIENDNA  is a founding member, DJ and sound system designer CIRCUS ALIEN. On the visual form of his actions involved until today.


Our products can be purchased via the e-shop and in-store ALIEN DNA streetwear shop in Czech Republic, Prague 3 Seifertova 24th Street / Open Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 19.00 /. In addition to its product line includes t-shirts and sweatshirts also pants, skirts, caps, badges, cushions, bags, belts, socks and other accessories from our workshop, but also from other independent labels, artists and sound systems from the Czech Republic and Europe.


The offer ALIEN DNA is also Recordshop, with a selection of vinyls electronic music for listeners and DJs in genres Acid Techno, Tribe, Hardtek, Hard Core, Break Beat, Drum’n’Bass etc.


Other brands in our shop:

LOCATION / UK /: jackets and accessories,  BLACKQIREX / IT /: t-shirts BOLD socks and boxers DIRECTIONS / UK /: hair color